Things to Know About Best Cat Backpacks

If you have a tiny furry friend at home, the chances are that you often need to take him out for some adventure hours. People who love hiking, trekking, cycling, and many other outdoor events always need a cat-friendly backpack to ensure their kitty’s safety. It helps them to take their tiny cat on tour without worrying about her comfort and happiness. The specially designed cat arrangement backpacks use to have the best arrangements for security, ventilation and viewing angle as well.

5 Best Cat Backpacks

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack 4.4
Runner Up PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats 4.5
Best Budget Buy AntTech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack 4.3
Best Cat Carrier Bag Petsfit Comfort Pet Carriers Backpack 4.7
Best Cat Backpack Carriers Aukor Cat Backpack Carriers 4.4

Market these days has a wide range of backpacks that can fit your budget and needs as well. But most of the pet owners often get confused whether they must invest in such bags or not. Well! If you are also one of those, prefer to go through the article below. It will help you to make an informed decision about buying the best cat backpack.

Why should you get a cat backpack?

So, you have a cat at home? Well! That’s great news. Having a cat means you have a best friend to cuddle, laugh and share beautiful moments. You may need to carry him to the free journeys on weekends.

A cat backpack can help you ensure complete comfort for your pet even while enjoying an afternoon bike ride, hike tour and traveling as well. Moreover, your cat would also love to experience some free moments with you.

You will be happy to hear that most of the backpacks in the market can meet the regulations at the airport. Along with the cat, you can also put some essential elements for him in this bag. Your cat can fly with you instead of getting into unsafe situations in the cargos. Many cat owners even prefer to take their cat in these backpacks on routine appointments such as to the groomers and vets as well.

The cat backpacks are some cat carriers that people prefer to wear on their back while moving out with their pet. These backpacks appear the same as the standard backpacks but have some additional safety and comfort arrangements for the pet inside. Some of you might be worried about how to put the cat inside these bags; well the process is quite more natural.

Simple, pick the cat from front legs while using another hand to support the bottom part of their body. Now place the cat inside the carrier through its full entry points that are usually located on the top of the bag or sometimes can be on the side portion. Make sure you put the rear end of the cat first inside so that it doesn’t feel insecure or trapped.

Once the cat sits comfortably inside, attach the harness of your cat to the rope inside the bag; this arrangement is essential to avoid escape of the cat. As everything seems safe inside, close the door gently and place this backpack on your back. Don’t make fast or sudden move otherwise it may cause harm to the pet inside.

Here are the Best Cat Backpack Brands

Our Top Pick: Aukor Cat Backpack Carriers

The bag itself is excellent, and your cat would not want to leave for sure. It is straightforward and comfortable to use, and you can carry this backpack in the front comfortably, the back is made of a soft and ventilated mesh material, and the shoulder straps can be adjusted according to your needs and adapted to large people. This bag will be useful for you with your pet for a trip or a flight.

Key Features:

  • Available in 5 colors – Black, Brown, Pink. Plum, and Yellow
  • With ventilation holes, it comfortable
  • Large size for 13 “L x 9” W x 15.8 “H, can hold up to 15-20 lbs cats, dogs, and other pets
  • This bubble backpack is airline approved (varies on airline rules).
  • Hand washable

Price: $56.99

Runner-Up Pick: Deluxe Pet Backpack for Small Cats by PetAmi

This backpack would be comfortable/safe/fun to hiking with your cat. It has the unzippable window so that it can take off the head. It is very comfortable, and the cat can lie down entirely in the background, sit and stand happily. The mesh is reinforced plastic very strong. The bag itself weighs 4 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Available in multiple colors (12 colors)
  • Great strap support
  • Easily fits cats, small dogs, and most other small & medium pets
  • Two lateral access points for convenient entry and exit
  • Multiple mesh windows for better airflow and exterior view for your pet
  • You can store food, water, etc. into the pocket

Note: Would be great for a small cat or dog but not recommended for large pets.

Best Budget Pick: Original Pet Backpack by Prefer Pets

This bag is well constructed and a high-quality carrier. It has a security feature, but adding a small clip to attach to your pet collar would make this product perfect. The floor is strong enough to support the weight of the pet, and once you put it on your back, it is very comfortable to use.

Key Features:

  • Black and Blue colors
  • Highly Durable Mesh Windows
  • The bottom is waterproof
  • Waterproof canvas fabric
  • Big and safe pocket
  • Exchangeable backpack straps

Price: $49.99

Features of a cat backpack:

If you are also curious to ensure complete comfort for your tiny furry friend during all free visits, it is good to spend on a good quality cat backpack. But for that, it is first essential to understand the crucial features of the cat backpack. Once you learn to compare different products from their primary functions, it will be easier to make the final decision for purchase. Below we have highlighted details about some of the top required features of a cat backpack to ease your decision-making process:

  • Carrier or bubble bag:
    The market is loaded with two basic types of cat backpacks; they can be carrier type or bubble type. The bubble backpacks are designed with hard shell exterior, and they have high-quality polycarbonate material finish which gives them the most delicate look. You will find a semi-sphere on these backpacks through which your cats can look out; this window is named as a bubble, and it drives the name for these bags. Experts reveal that these bags are capable enough to ensure long life service with their highly durable finish. Moreover, the specially designed viewing area make your pet feel comfortable, secure and safe inside. On the other side, the carrier bags are finished with top quality Oxford fabric that is popular for its durable and thick woven blend. Most of these backpacks can also be used as a regular carrier. You will find a mesh on these bags through which the little pets can peep out while traveling the world outdoors. This mesh also ensures proper ventilation arrangement for the cat.
  • Size of the backpack:
    Cat owners are always interested to find a backpack that can give their cat some additional space inside so that they can easily roll around and stand up to look out without crouching. Experts also advise looking for a bag that has a sturdy bottom to support the overall weight of the large cat. While buying a backpack for your cat, prefer to ask for maximum weight limits. It can be somewhere between 10 pounds to 15 pounds. Make sure to buy a bag that can support the growing needs of your pet with ease.
  • Backpack materials:
    When you want to invest in a backpack to ensure complete comfort to your cat, it is essential to look for something that is durable and sturdy as well. You will be happy to hear that some quality materials do not lose their efficiency even after regular usage. While looking for a backpack in the market, always prefer to check its stitching at some essential points such as bottom portion and shoulder straps as well.
  • Secure design:
    It is necessary to look for a backpack that has an additional arrangement for the security of pet so that it cannot escape out from the carrier. Many latest backpack designs are finished with a rope inside that can be attached to the harness of your pet. This arrangement helps pet owners to ensure complete security for the pet inside. In case if you have a hyperactive pet that is skilled enough to escape out, we do not advise you to spend on carrier backpacks as they open from the top and appears more natural for pets to escape. It is better to look for the transparent plastic opening or the mesh arrangement. In case if your tiny cat also knew how to come out of small holes by squeezing their body, it is better to find an escape artist.
  • Ergonomic support arrangement:
    In most cases, when you take your little pet out in the backpack, the chances are that you will wear it for a longer duration. In such situations, it is essential to find a backpack that can take off all the pressure from the specific pressure points such as lumbar spine and cervical. Some manufacturers also design cat backpacks with a chest strap that is efficient enough to distribute the pressure equally inside. This arrangement also helps in stabilization of backpack so that your cat need not to struggle inside.
  • Ventilation:
    As your pet is going to spend much time inside this backpack; it is better to ensure proper ventilation arrangement inside. You can find many carriers with specialized mesh opening that permits natural flow of air in and out of the bag. Before you buy any random bag from the market, make sure your pet can stay safe in it.

Experts advise looking for the best cat backpack that is large enough so that cat can stand inside without crouching. The pet must find free space to turn around freely without getting hurt. Experts also recommend caring about upper weight limit so that backpack can ensure long life service without getting damaged due to your heavyweight cat. A good quality backpack can serve the purpose on long trips as well because the ergonomic designs of these bags ensure complete comfort to the cat inside.

You will be happy to hear that cat backpacks can also be transformed into many different types of carriers. And this conversion can be achieved without much effort and time. Hence, by investing in a good quality cat backpack, you can save more money as well. You will find cat backpacks best choice for almost all kind of trips including cars, buses, and flights as well. These bags can be carried like traditional carriers, and if you want to keep your hands free during a hiking tour, you can directly put it on your shoulders. A backpack is the best choice to give your tiny cat best arrangement to explore the world with you.

How to make your cat feel comfortable about a backpack?

Well! It is not always essential that your cat loves to travel with you by sitting inside the backpack. Some cats are not used to these backpacks, and they often feel scared or anxious with a thought to get inside the bag. In such situations, it is not right to force your cat to get inside instead; you should make additional efforts to make your cat-friendly with the backpack. Once they start feeling comfortable inside it, you will find it easier to take them out for longer journeys.

Below we have highlighted a few tricks to make your cat feel comfortable about the cat backpack:

  • As soon as you receive your cat backpack at your doorstep; get your kitty to enjoy the opening experience together. Pets are always curious to explore things; by doing so, you give your cat the best opportunity to explore the bag right from the beginning. Although they don’t have a clear idea about what it is or how this thing will be used; but this introductory session will ease their mind, and they will soon feel comfortable about this arrangement.
  • Don’t put the cat directly into it; rather leave the bag in the area that your cat prefers to visit in routine. It can be near here play station or the bed. In this way, you can encourage your cat to investigate the bag more often. Soon your cat will start playing with the bag, and to reward this action, you must appreciate them by providing some treat.
  • In case if your backpack fails to capture the interest of your cat or the pet is feeling nervous about getting inside; prefer to attract by using some of the most love treats and toys of your pet. This is a simple way to boost the association of your pet with the backpack.
  • When your cat is just learning to get inside the backpack; get out for some short trips and make sure your cat start feeling comfortable inside. You can use this backpack while moving out to the vet or groomer. All these trips must be made more enjoyable for the pet. Once it learns to stay comfortable inside, you can start increasing the length of the flights.
  • Whenever your cat sits comfortably inside the backpack, appreciate her behavior by rewarding or praising her. It will help you to motivate her to feel comfortable about the bag and is the best way to encourage such behavior.

Well! It is high time to understand that every cat is born with a unique personality and they have variable temperament levels. You cannot make all cats friendly with backpacks with a single technique. It is first essential to judge the reaction of your cat towards the backpack and then choose a reliable strategy to make them feel comfortable about this arrangement.

Few essential care tips for outdoor events with a cat backpack:

Most people prefer to use backpacks for hiking or walking purposes, but while doing such activities, it is essential to follow some essential care tips to make your cat feel safe and comfortable during the journey. Below we have highlighted a few crucial tips for this purpose:

  • It is not always good to put a collar around the neck of your cat; while placing the pet inside the backpack, you must try harness as the best solution. Most of the backpacks in the market come with special tether arrangement that can be easily connected to the harness. Cats can easily slip out of the collars, so they are not a better choice for long trips.
  • Although you may love to take your cat out in routine to enjoy tours together; but it is also important to care for their health as well. It is not right to keep the pet inside the backpack all the time.
  • If you are moving out on a hiking tour, the chances are that your cat may feel dehydrated time and again. So, it is better to make efforts for proper water arrangements, especially on a hot day. Prefer to carry separate supplies for your cat and yourself. You can find many pockets in the cat backpacks to store these accessories.

How to clean your backpack with ease?

Most of these cat backpacks are designed with high-quality fabrics; you have to be careful while buying one to ensure easy cleaning. While moving out for the longer journeys, your cat may sometime pee inside the bag and then it will start releasing the terrible odor. In such situations, it is important to wash these bags properly.

Note that most of the cat backpacks are machine washable; especially the mesh style bags. Pet owners are advised to make use of some organic and healthy detergents to wash these bags so that the remains cannot harm the cat health. The market is loaded with a variety of cleaning agents that you can get for your cat backpack. In case if you have a bag that demands hand wash, it is essential to be careful about its fabric. Don’t rub it so hard; prefer to use gentle cleaning methods so that it can maintain its sturdiness for a longer duration.

Some bags are also loaded with soft, washable pads that can be taken out and washed separately to ensure complete cleaning. You can choose a pet-friendly cleaning accessory from the market or get recommendations from the vet to avoid skin problems for your cat. As your pet needs to spend much time inside the bag, it is essential to ensure proper cleaning otherwise it may cause some health issues. A good quality backpack can be washed with ease, and it takes lesser time to get dry as well.


If you are looking for the best cat backpack in the market, we advise you to check reviews for some of the best products online. Prefer to compare their features to make sure that you pick the most comfortable one for your cat. Once you get a well-designed and sturdy backpack, it will be easier to enjoy trouble-free trips with your pet. While buying a bag, make sure that you get one with a breathable arrangement that ensures more visibility and higher airflow.

Get ready to enjoy a happy outdoor trip with your furry friend!

*Ratings and price updated at the time of publication and can change.