The Best Cat Window Perches for Indoor Cats

No matter which breeds, gender or age of cat you have at home, they may often get notorious while playing. They are always curious to explore the world around them. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for pet owners to limit them indoors. The fact is that allowing cats to roam freely outside means they can get exposed to a variety of life-threatening risk and diseases.

5 Top-Rated Best Cat Window Perches

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The best solution to cope with this issue is to mount cat window perch. The market is currently loaded with a wide range of attractive products in this category; however, below we have highlighted a few details about Best Cat Window Perches to ease your purchase:

1. Original Kitty Cot Perch:

Although this product is a little expensive, its exceptional quality ensures the best value for money. Its minimalistic design makes it suitable for all windows, and the installation takes just a few minutes. You can also remove it and install at another place as per need. The sturdy finish and safe design make it suitable for small as well as big cats.

Key Features:

  • Comes with stainless steel support cables
  • High-quality suction cups that ensure perfect weight adjustment.
  • Sturdy PVC pipe fitting.
  • Washer friendly hammock that provides easy cleaning

2. Oster Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Perch:

Oster is known for its extensive collection of pet products; their window perch has also gained great popularity in the market due to its fantastic design. It can handle the 50lbs weight with ease and can withstand the scratching habits of your cat as well. The unique design of this perch make is suitable for the modern home décor.

Key Features:

  • Durable frame and easy to install design.
  • It allows machine friendly washing.
  • Space-saving option with a catchy finishing.

3. K&H 2-Level Perch/Window Bed for Kitty:

This brand is also favorite for its wide range of scratchers, cat beds and many other pet-friendly furniture products. Two level window perch is another fantastic offering of K&H that can handle maximum weight up to 100lbs. This product is also suitable for a multi-cat house.

Key Features:

  • Designed with a sturdy steel frame and great suction cups.
  • User-friendly and reliable design.
  • Removable covers.
  • Foldable design that ensures safety and comfort as well.

4. K&H Manufacturing Thermo Kitty Sill Fleece:

Here is a new-age window perch from K&H that is much more attractive than the traditional style cat window perches. The warmth on this perch is controlled by a specially designed thermostat that can maintain the body temperature of your pet in all weather conditions. With a unique design and comfortable finish, it can be the best relaxing spot for your kitty.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable and cozy orthopedic foam.
  • Easy to install without any additional hardware tool.
  • Affordable yet advanced solution.

5. Sturdy Cat Window Hammock with 4 Strong Suction Cup:

Here is another best solution to ensure the best lifestyle for your kitty. This window hammock is designed with an elegant finish and is supported by patented 4 large suction cups. The installation is quite easy; pet parents can mount it on any smooth surface, window and glass door as well. The maximum weight limit for this perch is up to 60lbs, and the stainless-steel cables make it a durable and sturdy choice for every home.

Key Features:

  • Weather preventive cover.
  • Scratch-resistant material.
  • Easy installation with a handy design.
  • Budget-friendly window perch.
  • Best for saving space
  • No tools required