How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree?

A common scene we see in movies and cartoons is a cat getting stuck up in a tree being saved by a firefighter. While this can be a realistic scene to happen, not all the time firefighters will be there to save a cat stuck on a tree like a damsel in distress waiting for their prince charming to save them. There’ll be times that you’re the one who has to save the cat from the tree.

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But why do cats even get stuck on trees? How could they get up and not climb down? Well, cats are built for climbing but not so much for climbing down because their retractable claws are curved allowing leverage for them in an upward manner and their hind legs are stronger than their front which makes them excellent climbers if they’re going upwards but difficult for them to climb down.

But why are they even in the first place? Well, it’s probably because something must have chased them making them go up, or they have been chasing something that went up a tree or maybe they are just not used to the outdoors.


The cat is on the tree!

Whatever the reason is, it is important that you help a cat that is stuck up in a tree, and here are some methods you can do to help a cat that’s stuck in a tree;

1. Try to coax them down

Examine the surroundings and the tree to which the cat is stuck in. Determine if it isn’t so high that the cat can get harmed and decide if the cat will be able to jump or climb down if you try to coax them. Make sure that you make them feel safe so that they would get engaged in going down. If there are dogs, keep them away for a while since they may be a threat to the cat. If you think the surroundings are clear from potential risks, then try to coax the cat down. If you are not the owner, then look for the owner and try to get them to do it. If it is your cat and you know it is trained for clickers, then use it to help them go down.

2. Give them incentives

Lure them down with treats, food, laser pointer, or toys

3. Use a ladder

You may use a ladder or anything that you can lay against a tree that can help the cat to climb down.

4. Send up a cat carrier

Tie the cat carrier onto a rope firmly and throw the other end of the rope to the branch where the cat is. Pull the carrier up. Make sure that the door is open, and you could even include treats in there to help lure the cat to go inside the carrier so you could pull them back down.

5. Go up

If there are no other safe options, then go climb up using a ladder and get the cat yourself. This step may be dangerous especially if the tree is tall so make sure you have someone assisting you.