The Best Pet Stairs and Steps (2021 Reviews)

Although, we all wish our tiny furry friends can stay playful, small and full of energy every hour; but with the natural growth phenomenon, they start growing older with time. And with this aging process, they often lose their health as well. You might have heard that senior cats or dogs often face injuries in their joints and suffer pain in muscles as well.

Some of you may believe that such issues cannot be controlled, but the real fact is that it demands more care to prevent injuries. We advise you to invest in some good quality pet steps and stairs that are finished with unique designs to serve cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. These structures can help your pet to recover the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, and hip dysplasia as well.

The 5 Top-Rated Pet Stairs and Steps

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallStramp Stair & Ramp Combination by Pet Gear4.3
Runner UpDog Steps by Cozy Pet by Dallas Manufacturing Co.4.2
Best Budget BuyPet Steps Stairs Ramp for Cats & Dogs by Armarkat4.8
Best 3-Step Pet Stairs3-Step Pet Stairs for Cats/Dogs by Pet Gear4.2
Best Pet StairsPet Stairs/Pet Ramp/Pet Ladder Step Comfort by Zinus4.4
*Ratings and price may change*

Pet steps and stairs are designed to ease their movements so that muscular strain can be avoided. Below we have quoted a few details about some of the Best Pet Stairs & Steps in the market; it can help you to make a purchase online:

1. Pet Gear Step and Ramp Combination:

This product offers a great combination of ramp and step so that your cat can have the best activity hour to boost the strength of its joints and muscles. This product is easy to assemble and light in weight. Moreover, the carpet tread on this gear can be removed with ease for washing. It is designed with a sturdy surface that prevents slipping on the floors.

Key Features:

  • This gear ensures easy and fast assembly.
  • The combination of step and ramp allow your cat to reach up to higher places.
  • Washable carpet tread.

2. Dallas Home Décor Pet Steps:

These steps are currently available in two different options: you can choose 4 step design or 3 step design as per requirement. The idea is to make sure that your furry friend finds it comfortable. You will be happy to hear that these pads can be washed in machines. These heavy-duty pet steps can support around 200lbs weight range; however, the product itself is only 6lbs.

Key Features:

  • These steps are currently available in two sizes; buyers can find easy customization options.
  • Padded design that ensures higher durability and more comfort
  • Machine washable material.
  • Lightweight finish.

3. Armarkat Pet Steps Stairs Ramp:

This product is suitable for small sized cats with an overall weight of less than 70lbs. You can find these steps in two-step depth designs; one is 4 steps having 7” depth, and another choice is 3 steps with 9” depth. The pressed wood material and faux fleece padding of this product make it more classy.

Key Features:

  • Even beginners will also find it easier to assemble.
  • Comes with a sturdy design
  • Padded finish that ensures more comfort to your pet

4. Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stair:

This product is currently available in two forms, and both of them are suitable for the cats of all age and size ranges. You will find it easier to assemble, and the surface material can be removed for cleaning without making many efforts. The rubber grips on the surface of this pet stair prevent slipping.

Key Features:

  • The surface material can be removed with ease.
  • This gear needs a few minutes for assembly.
  • Designed with sider stair landings.
  • Available in two variations one for pets below 50 lbs weight range and other for cats up to the weight range of 150lbs.