How to Stop Dog Barking When Left Alone

Dog Barking While Along without you

Dogs are man’s best friend. Having a dog as a pet can be amazing since most dogs are a lot more affectionate and loyal than other animals. Though often times sweet, dogs can be ferocious too which makes an excellent guard for you and your home. A thing dogs do is bark. They do this for many reasons such as if they are excited, alarmed, seeking attention, greeting you or wanting to play. It is something that they are good at and makes them unique. However, sometimes barking can go a bit out of control and can cause disturbance to you and your neighbors if you have any. Some even bark a lot when they are left at home when their owners go out to do something.

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When dogs are left alone for lengthy periods, they are probably bored or lonely. Dogs are pack animals, and they need companions to survive. So if they are barking so much when you leave them lone whether in your yard or your house, they probably miss you and crave for your companion, which is why most of the time dogs run cheerfully to their owners when they come back from work or school.

Though this is a sweet and heartwarming act, there are times where you need to discipline your dog so that they won’t be a nuisance to others. Here are the things you can do;

1. Train them

Training isn’t a very easy job; you’ll require patience and knowledge about training a dog. It may even require a lot of treats to motivate your dog to do what you command. Though it is a hard job, it will be worth it in the end since you’ll be able to stop your dog from barking when you say so. It can be convenient if you’re a person who often leaves the house or if you don’t want to bother the neighbors when you’re gone for a while.

2. Get curtains or shades

The dark environment could be calming to dogs thus lessening their barking tendencies so if you are leaving the house, draw your curtains to calm your dog and reduce the visual stimuli they may see outside which can trigger barking.

3. Don’t leave with the house so quiet

A way to do this is to leave your stereo/TV/radio on. You may also leave your TV in static to create white noise, so somehow there is something that’s making a sound in your house. Some dogs bark because they can’t stand the silence of the house when you are gone. Leaving your sound making devices on will somehow give them a feeling that you are present in your home even though you are not.

4. Give them a scent of you

Whenever you leave the house without your dog, you must leave them with a chew toy with your scent on it. This toy should be something you give to them only when you leave, and this toy must be spectacular so that they would focus more on getting it rather than you being gone. Rub your palms on the toy several times before you give it to them. It can make them feel that being alone isn’t so bad at all.